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Terms and Conditions

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All of these terms and conditions which are mentioned below are applied to all of our orders and to supersede all others. A receipt of acceptance of order by you will be a kind of proof that there is none kind of purported terms which might be put forward by you in future.



For those people who are having an account with us, they are able to make their payments at the end of the month (Depending on the invoicing month). Sometimes there are special kinds of terms and conditions which are being agreed by the special account holders, that’s why in those cases the settlement terms which are available in written forms, they would be followed.


For those people who are not having any kind of account with Techno press they are being required to make payments before the delivery of complete order.


We used to offer discounts to those customers who are giving special attention to the due date payments. All of these rights are being reserved by the team of Techno press to provide discounts to customers on any special conditions or agreements.

2.4 VAT

Value added tax is always being required to be paid by the customer. Whether it is being noticed prior payments or after customer payments, it is liable for customers to pay them.


3.1 It is compulsory that as our client you should make on time or before time payments. Those accounts whose payments become overdue their goods are not being delivered after 14 days. There is an interest of 5% or above which is being charged on these overdue accounts by the Barclays Bank Plc base rate. This is the current interest rate and it may differ from time to time (until the payment is received by the Techno press team).
3.2 Techno press team has complete rights to charge their customers for any kind of legal or collection charges (in case of any sensitive cases in order to obtain payments which are there in overdue account and are not yet being paid by the customer).


All goods which are being delivered by Techno press they are either delivered or not, they always remain one of the properties of techno press until there is a complete payment being made by the customer.


Sometimes there is a need to make sudden changes in products. That’s why all rights are reserved by Techno press that we can make sudden alteration to the details of all of our products which we have advertised without any kind of notification to our customers. Our basic purpose is to make the perfect description of goods accurately in the advertisement. There is none kind of warranty/error or mis-scription responsibility being accepted in this situation by Techno press.


The orders which are placed by our clients are accepted according to our terms and conditions in order to adjust prices properly according to our quotations in order to take account of any kind of changes in the specified law or any of the Government regulations which are being required by us for an increase in the prices in reference to direct taxation, different types of import duties, extra ordinary customs and excise duties. Techno press prices are totally dependent on the current costs of productions and the increase or decrease in the wages or costs of materials. That’s why contracts are always accepted while keeping all of these things under consideration of our clients.


All prices are subjected to VAT (which is being required according to this current time period).


8.1 We will try our level best to deliver on time. In case of any late delivery/error there is none kind of loss being accepted by Techno press. There is none kind of liability which is being accepted by us. Almost all of our deliveries would be dependent over the prevailing rates which are mentioned as per terms and condition of contract.
8.2 We provide special rush delivery services to our customers. We charge a little bit extra (i.e. additional) in case of urgent delivery. All of these charges would be ascertained at current commercial rates.
8.3 Techno press is not liable for non-delivery of goods in case of late or no payments within a specified period of time. It is necessary for our contractor to pay before delivery of complete goods.


Techno press allows their customers to make notification of any claims in case of damages, partial loss in transit, difference in quality or quantity or any other technical issues within 4-5 days of time period. Or else Techno press won’t be liable for any kind of issues later on. In this kind of situation Techno press will require returning of all printing goods before agreeing over reprinting. More or less all rights are reserved by the team of techno press to refuse any reprint or refund.


10.1 All rights of refunds are being reserved by Techno press.
10.2 In case of any issue with the printing, if Techno press is offering you a replacement then you need to accept replacement or else in case of any refusal, you need to clarify the reasons of acceptance of replacement.
10.3 If you have ordered any third party to make changes in the work order which you have placed with us in past or any other work redone option then you have revoked your right for many any kind of remedy from us.
10.4 There is a need to make the returning of defective work before doing any replacement; in case you don’t provide us the defective work back then we will assume that you have accepted the work and none kind of replacement would be made.
10.5 The time period of refunding 3 to 4 working days in case the team of Techno press has agreed on making any kind of refund.
10.6 We charge 5% of the total value as our cancellation charges. Additionally the £10.00 charges are being charged in order to cover the required administration costs. Any extra costs would be charged and deducted in case of cancellation of order.