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Roller Banners (aka) banner stands and roll up banners are an ever popular choice for those needing a lightweight and very portable display solution. A simple device at heart, the flexible graphic panel of the roller banner or roll up banner retracts into the aluminum base when not in use for easy transportation and safe storage. A padded carry bag with a shoulder strap provides a go-anywhere attitude and most Roller Banners typically weigh less than 8kgs.

Whatever you call them, the banner that rolls out of a cartridge on the floor and when fixed stands taller than the average person, has had a major impact on the exhibition industry.

The simple device has put striking looking exhibition stands within everyone’s budget. Roll banners come in a wide range of sizes, quality and prices. At TechnoPress, our Roller Banners offer extraordinarily value for money.

Attracting and holding potential customers’ attention is the primary aim of any exhibition stand. In order to ensure your materials achieve maximum visual impact, a number of factors must be considered when designing roller banners and pop-up display stands.

Here are some Techno Tips for Roller Banners:

Techno Tips – Roller Banners

• Design & Branding

One of the most effective ways of promoting your organisation, product or service at events is to use properly designed exhibition materials, such as roller banner stands and pull up displays. In order to project a professional image of your organisation, your branding must remain consistent. In design terms, this means that the core colours, logos and straplines incorporated into your banner displays must match those of your corporate image, website and literature.

• Content

A key element of any roll up banner is its content; including specific information such as dates, prices and special offers can be a very effective way of attracting potential customers’ attention if you intend to use the pop up display stand for just one show or series of linked events. However, if you require a more substantial exhibition stand for repeated use, the design must avoid using dates and prices, as this will significantly limit the lifespan of the display.

• Usage

Consider whether your display is likely to be obscured by furniture or by people standing in front of it. If this is the case, ensure that your main message is positioned at eye level, so that it cannot be missed.

If you intend to use a table or counter to display merchandise or literature, make sure that the text used in the exhibition stand is positioned above the counter height, so that it can be clearly seen by everyone. Depending on the position of your display at an event, it might be beneficial for your roll-up banners to be double-sided. Having a double-sided banner stand maximises your options, which is especially important if you intend to use it on several occasions.

• QR Codes

Quick Response (QR) codes represent a communication tool no-one can afford to ignore when designing exhibition stands and roll-up displays. These black and white patterned squares are used in all kinds of marketing and advertising media because they can be read quickly and easily by mobile phones. Smartphone users can download vital information about organisations, products and services directly to their mobile phones by simply scanning QR codes.

By incorporating your QR code into your exhibition banners and pop up display stands, you can effectively disseminate not only your contact details and URL links to potential customers, but also special offers, discount coupons and even Facebook and Twitter IDs.

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