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How You Can Create Impression Of Your Business Over Others Through Cheap Print?

(Posted on 20 Jan, 2012)

You will agree with me…..RIGHT!!!!.... Now for sake of marketing there is always a need to have business cards, brochures, flyers, promotion... read more...


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Poster printing is an effective way of sending a message. Using text, photographs, and graphics, you can turn peoples’ heads and make them informed. That is why it is important to apply basic design theories and principles, such as balance, symmetry and aesthetic in order to make an attractive print. Also, make full use of color. Color makes this kind of marketing material highly attractive, so you choose the color that will best capture the mood of your message or will invoke emotions. As you know, colors have corresponding meanings. Blue translates to tranquility, yellow means happiness, and red can mean danger, among other things. You can use color to appeal to the emotions.


Posters can be put anywhere. Posted in schools, offices, bulletin boards, lampposts, establishments, and waiting sheds. This makes the material very accessible to people. How many times have we stopped by and looked at one while walking or just passing through? If one can get your attention, you are also bound to read the message, making it one of the most effective promotional materials around.

When designing posters, there are a number of factors to consider in order to make them effective marketing tools. A badly designed poster will not catch the eye of the target audience and is simply a waste of time and money. Effective posters aren't difficult to design provided you ask yourself a few simple questions along the way.

Here are some Techno Tips for effective poster designing:

Techno Tips – Posters

Determine target audience Think about what you are trying to promote with your poster and what kind of people would be interested in your product or service. 

Brainstorm ideas Come up with catchy slogans and ideas for colors, fonts, backgrounds and overall messages.

Put your ideas into poster Search for posters intended for similar target audiences as yours. Study them to determine what they have in common. Write down what makes each poster effective and how you can incorporate similar ideas into your poster.

Distribution You can save a lot on your mailing costs as you don’t have to send your message by post to your target clients. With posters, you either distribute them by hand or place them in strategic places so you can reach out to as many target audience as possible.

Flexibility As print posters can be placed just about everywhere, hence, they can be flexible marketing tools for any business. Depending on your target audience, the area where you place your color posters can be maximized to reach out to the right target audience. Post them in locations where your target audience regularly frequents and your message will surely be seen and read every time.

Networking A poster can be a good networking tool within your community or locality. It is plainly visible and flexible; making your network expand and widen to as many customers you would want to reach out to. In short, you are not limited to a particular target customer as you can also reach out to possible clients along the way that may have a need for your products and services.

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