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How You Can Create Impression Of Your Business Over Others Through Cheap Print?

(Posted on 20 Jan, 2012)

You will agree with me…..RIGHT!!!!.... Now for sake of marketing there is always a need to have business cards, brochures, flyers, promotion... read more...

A4 Finish Size Folders

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Make your first impression a positive one! Well designed, presentation folders speak volumes about your company. Using high quality folders illustrates that you value their contents, indicating to recipients that they should too! They are the ideal vehicle to convey the flair, professionalism, and style of your business. Offering a long life-span, printed folders are both cost effective and versatile. Helping establish your identity from the word goes, customised folders are also an extension of your business image. Stylish folders form a key presentation element of your sales pitch and proposals; telling your customers who you are before they even view the contents inside. We understand that presentation folders define your business, that’s why at TechnoPress, we take great care with every folder that we print.

We have A4 and A5 sizes on 350gsm with options of Matt Laminated, UV Spot Matt Laminated and Evo Recycle. Folders are a must have essential for conferences, exhibitions, meetings, and every day business dealings, choosing the right design for your folder can be a challenging task. That is why our specialised and creative designers would help you in coming up with a design and layout, which catches the attention of your customers. Our following tips would help you in coming up with a good folder idea:

Techno Tips – Presentation Folder

• Define your Goals

Before you begin designing your folder, it’s essential to visualise how it will achieve the end goal of carrying and conveying the perfect image of your business. You need to consider whether it will be for a general everyday use, or a specific product or event. Tailoring the design to match the intended purpose, and target audience will increase it’s impact. For example, formal events, may suit a subtle design which prominently displays the company name and logo, where as a busy industry convention or exhibition, were your folder will be competing against hundreds of others, may warrant a more extravagant design that sets you apart from the crowd.

• Professional Design Professional looking presentation folders, require some forethought into their design as they need to be cut, folded and slit before use. To ensure that your design accounts for the specific layout requirements, it's wise to ask a professional designer to do it for you.

• Originality

The best way of getting your folder noticed, is to incorporate original flair in its design. An individual colour scheme which compliments your company brand is a good way to start, but be careful to avoid using garish colours that could cheapen your image. Similarly, catchy tag-lines, applicable to the event or product are another avenue that can help captivate potential customers. Also consider extending the design beyond the front cover. By giving readers an incentive pick up and open your folder, you make the chances of exposing its contents all the more likely.

• Choose the right images

Images often convey a message in seconds that’s why it's essential to choose the right images for your folder. For a product specific folder, enticing photographs of the product in question are an obvious choice, but for generalised folders you should opt for professionally taken photographs which will suit multiple uses, situations and audiences. TechnoPress have corporate accounts to access thousands of professionally taken royalty free images, which our designers could suggest to your particular folder design.

• Critical Information

The final and most important tip when designing a presentation folder is, be sure to include all of your company's information. Displaying the full company title, web site address, e-mail addresses and phones numbers prominently, using easily readable fonts is a must. Even the sleekest of designs will be redundant if you forget these vital elements.

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