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Compliment Slips 120gsm

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Procedures have greatly changed over the years but the need to compliment a company or a person for a job well done continues to be something we certainly want to continue to do on a regular basis. As a result, the use of compliment slips has begun to be broadly accepted.

Remember, your compliment slips will be used for all sorts of applications, whether you've written down a part number or an appointment on them, they will still need to display your company in its best possible light so you can maximise your image.

Whether it is in business or in your personal life, hopefully you always aim to forge positive relationships—and this is where compliment slips will come in the handiest. Repeat, loyal clientele have always been and will forever be the cornerstone of a successful business. Not only companies can benefit from using compliment slips, Individuals can also distribute them to maintain a positive attitude when giving a gift or sending a special greeting. There is no limit to the good will that can be generated by using compliment cards. Consider how you can use them—in your home or office, or both—and then just wait for the rewards.

The key to a successful compliment slip design is in always remembering that it has a specific purpose. You want to keep your name continually in front of your existing clients so that they never forget your or your services to them. Of course you want them to remember you when you do well but, believe it or not, you want to make this contact even when you mess up. In fact, letting them know you made a mistake and that it won’t happen again is quite possibly an even more important message. No matter what you share with these important people, whether it’s a message of thanks, or a sincere apology, or even if it’s a simple delivery note, your compliment slip will be the perfect messenger. We offer Compliment Slips printing on DL 100 and 120 gsm with options of Standard, Conqueror and Evo Recycle paper.

Our following Techno Tips would facilitate you in making your Compliment Slip effective:

Techno Tips – Compliment Slips

• Consistancy

From your logo design to your business card, from your letterhead to your compliment slips, these are all reminders of who you are as a business entity. They reinforce your overall brand identity and the trust that is being constantly developed. Recipient of your compliment slips will likely have already seen your logo and letterhead. It is vitally important that your compliment slip is consistent with your everyday corporate identity. You want to build your brand and generate confidence in your product or service offering. It will also increase trust in this very same way.

• Clarity

Your logo must be clear and easily identifiable. The address listing must reflect your letterhead style, and there must be sufficient white space included so that the sender is able to neatly write a personal note. With all this, the compliment slip will be the icing on the cake to your bespoke stationery set.

• Old Fashioned Handwriting

There should always be an area on your compliment slips for you to leave a thoughtful personalised message directed at your intended recipient. This is where compliments slips can have their greatest effectiveness. Always handwrite your message, and never leave that space blank. By sending a compliment slip, your point is to open up and keep open an important personal line of communication.

• Keep it Simple

Also use your compliment slips as a simple, effective way to informally keep in contact with your clients and customers. If you don’t have a letter’s worth of content to write but do want to let them know you’re thinking of them, you are saving valuable paper at the same time.

The simplicity of a compliment slip makes it a great money saving idea for any business or company. As mentioned, just your name, address, phone number, website and web address suffice, as well as possibly your logo.

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