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Techno Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the most quality conscious, price competitive and time sensitive print services provider with customer and environmental care at the forefront. We aim to be the best, with continuous personnel and organizational growth, while sharing the responsibility of a sustainable environment.


Techno Background 

TechnoPress is one of the UK’s most promising, enthusiastic and price sensitive printing services providers. We understand that in the modern business world delivering jobs on time every time is critical, without any compromise on quality. Nine years ago this same team entered into the print industry with a different name before establishing TechnoPress in 2009. TechnoPress was the brainchild of our dynamic team of young professionals, whose idea was to provide a one stop printing solution to meet the ever demanding printing requirements of our customers.


Techno Team

TechnoPress has a young team of ambitious and motivated individuals – we reallybelieve we’re a winning team. We work diligently to achieve individual, team and organisational goals. Our friendly and open working environment means that every team member is equally important and plays a vital role in the success of TechnoPress and its clients. Communication is vital to our team so that customers know exactly what to expect, and when.


Techno Tri Principles

 For quality products and customer satisfaction, we believe in three basic principles:
• Competitive prices
• On time delivery
• Care for the environment


Why TechnoPress

 Our strategies are simply based on our Tri-Principles. We take pride in offering the most cost effective and on time printing services without compromising on quality while caring for the environment. Our one-window concept offers services of consultation to our customers on initial brain storming for any ideas of printing, whether it’s for simple office stationery or any creative material to support and boost a marketing strategy. Our consultants facilitate customers in content writing and combining it with a successful printing solution to meet their business or personal needs.


Our creative design team has developed hundreds of designs and templates to cater for the needs of our customers from various industries including Property to Real Estate, Travel to Hospitality, Mechanical to Automotive, Restaurant to Hotel, Society to Charity, Retailer to Wholesaler, Art to Entertainment, Fitness to Sport plus many more. Our designers can also produce bespoke artwork to meet the specific customer requirements.


Techno’s state of the art machinery enables us to satisfy the printing needs of our trader clients, who require bulk printing in quick time. Equally, we cater for individuals and organisations for their personal or business printing needs.


Techno Time

In the print business, time is crucial. Our promise is to deliver quality printed matter to customers within an agreed time frame. Our average dispatch time is 48 hours with another 24 hours allowed for delivery.


Some customers have asked why we don’t have a 24 hour turnaround? Our answer to this is very simple! We do offer a 24 hour turnaround, but only if customers are prepared to compromise on quality. A survey indicated that customers were not prepared to compromise on quality. We believe in being open and honest and do not wish to mislead customers by committing to quick delivery times which may result in a compromise on quality.


After many years of experience, and reviewing the large amount of feedback from our customers, we decided to maintain our 48 hours dispatch time. Litho printing needs a minimum 24 hours drying time before any finishing can be applied to the job. If printing is not allowed to dry adequately it may cause paper to stick together due to wet ink – we call this set-off.


Techno Technology

To implement our strategies and achieve best results, TechnoPress is fully equipped with state of the art printing technology to print on various sizes, in regular or bespoke sizes.


Our designers use state-of-the-art Apple Mac hardware and Adobe CS5 creative software to bring flair and creativity to our off-the-shelf and bespoke designs.


Our printing and production facility has the latest digital machines and equipment, which are operated 24/7 by highly experienced, skillful and dedicated personnel.


We use the most modern Computer to Plate (CTP) technology, which can support up to B1 size. This technology has changed the nature of offset printing and enabled us to reduce costs, increase productivity and provide a more consistent quality.


For printing we use the highly acclaimed Heidelberg Speedmaster Lithographic Presses, Large Format Printing machines and also Digital Printing machines. Due to the level of automation the Speedmaster can be used for both short and long runs up to a B1 size.


We have a comprehensive range of finishing equipment with machines that can laminate in various finishes up to B1 size. We can also apply Spot UV Varnish, Re-moist gum and Horse Shoe Gumming up to B2 size. We also have machines that can Die-Cut, Emboss, Perforate and Kiss Cut up to B2 size, plus we can handle Wiro-Binding, Folder Make Up, Drilling and Eyeletting.


Techno Standards

Guided by ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

The printing and office systems at TechnoPress are guided by the international standards of ISO 9001to meet optimum quality of work. One of our three principles is to provide quality products along with competitive prices.


We are fully committed to adhere to international standards at work and we have gone to great lengths in being assessed and accredited ISO 9001:2008 Certification. This certification has further strengthened our existing stringent quality measures.


Techno Forté

Our Online Order Management System is a complete online tool that enables traders and customers to enjoy our one-window shopping concept.

Salient Features of the Techno Online Order Management System:

  1. • Buy securely online with easy payment options including all major Credit/Debit Cards via Sage Pay
  2. • Product Browsing
  3. •Order status and history
  4. • Re-orders from account
  5. • Recently ordered items
  6. • Address book with unlimited addresses
  7. • Default billing and shipping addresses
  8. • Newsletter subscription management
  9. • Product reviews
  10. • Account Dashboard for overview of recent orders, personal information, newsletter   subscription status, primary billing address, primary shipping address, shopping   cart, recently ordered items, recently reviews and recent tags
  11. • Order different and/or multiple products in same order
  12. • Order sample pack
  13. • Multiple shipping order options
  14. • Special offers and deals are also available on social websites like Facebook and Twitter
  15. • 24/7 live support
  16. • Request a custom quote
  17. • Access to available templates for printing
  18. • Delivery options
  19. • Upload your custom artwork
  20. • Request for a custom design


Techno Data Confidentiality 

At TechnoPress, data confidentiality is highly imperative and critical. At TechnoPress we recognise the need to maintain customer confidentiality which is monitored regularly by senior management.


We adopt very stringent procedures under ISO 9001 guidelines and our designers and content writers are fully aware of the responsibility of not disclosing any information to a third party under any circumstances.


All printing jobs coming through traders are kept amongst our team. No information is shared or passed on to their customers unless specifically stated and authorised by a trader. Similarly, any data supplied by customers is also kept strictly confidential and not shared with any third party.


Techno Environment

One of Tecno’s Tri-Principles clearly states that as a responsible organistaion we must care for our surroundings and play our role to work towards a cleaner and better environment. We have always been aware of our responsibility to work in an environmentally conscious way, and we are fully committed in taking all possible measures to protect the environment for future generations.


To keep this commitment, TechnoPress has gone to great lengths in buying environmentally friendly papers, inks and plates. We only use FSC certified papers which we buy from top paper merchants in the UK.


We use non-chemical plates and process less plates, which eliminate the processor, chemistry, water and waste from plate production. Our paper, chemical and ink waste is disposed of using a reputable recycling company. They regularly collect all waste from our production facility and recycle it.


Techno Environment Policy

Our Environment Policy clearly promotes to:

  • • Minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
  • • Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers.
  • • Source and promote a product range that minimises the environmental impact of both production and distribution.
  • • Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the Company.